Hey, you guys! I'm revamping the web page and moving on to a different platform. This also means I'm trying to reconcile all the orders. The launch should be Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 9:00 PM PST. Here's the rest of the update below.

Finally back from Clexacon! T’was a good con. Tons of books/pins/coins were bought. I bought my own private stock of hats (hats that I paid for with my own money from Round 1) and they were also popular.

PLUSHIES: Still on prototype. Still working on them. You haven’t been charged yet unless you’ve asked to be charged.

COINS: Still shipping. New batch has come in and I’m plugging along.

ARTBOOKS: I believe @papurrcat signed almost all the 175 books. I should start shipping them after the coins are shipped (aka sometime this month). I will also open pre-orders sometime this week for a reprint of these books (due to popular demand). Keep a look out; we need at least 100 others to make the reprint.

PINS: @immochiball is selling them on their site. Here’s the LINK. I will also post up links to my pins sometime this week. I hope to ship the pins and @papurrcat‘s art books together. (By the way, both the pins and books were a hit at Clexacon.)

HATS: I had expected them before Clexacon. It didn’t happen. I again profusely apologize. Target date is now May. I know it’s frustrating and I am sorry about this. It is also frustrating for me because I don’t want you to feel like I’m jerking you guys around. If you would like a refund, please let me know and I’ll issue them. (I will throw you guys free stuff for being patient with all these delays.) That said, overwhelmingly popularity means I will be opening Round 2 orders again this week for those who missed out the first time around for Pre-Orders.

OTHER CONS: Cancelling StarFury’s Survival con. Will be at Wondercon, D23, and SDCC as an attendee. Debating on PolarisCon as well as OZCon and EarperCon.

FUTURE PROJECTS: “Pocket” Shirts (you’ll die of cuteness), Fleimkepa case, deluxe Chip and/or helm, beanies, other hat designs. May work on some Wynonna Earp stuff. Need to get into Supergirl. 

EMAILS: Lots of emails and messages that are backlogged. I will continue working on answering them. I really sincerely, profusely apologize for the super late reply, but real life takes priority. Also, one person here with a full time job and a part time job besides this. This site/store is my passion.

LIFE UPDATE: That said, I have turned in a month's notice to my current job to start focusing and developing the store more. It's really exciting and, at the same time, frightening. Most of my efforts will be creating more designs and improving timely customer service (as my income will be dependent on the customers). That is why I've been busy with my current job - training replacements and finishing up projects. By May, I should be focused wholly on GumShoeGeek and expanding it. This is a risk I'm taking and I hope you guys and gals continue in supporting me into it. Don't worry; if it doesn't pan out, I'll go back to an eight-to-five job... I know I'll be eating ramen for dinner for a couple of months to take this exciting risk.

Updated January 11, 2017:

  1. I'm still shipping out coins to those have pre-ordered. When the coins ship, you will get an email notification. If you’re located outside of the US, you’ll also get a tracking number.
  2. You can still order coins. In fact, I’ve sold out of The Flame/Chip coin, so I’ve created a pre-order for a second batch. You can pre-order them here (LINK). I need at least 50 orders by January 19, 2017 to actually place a second order; otherwise, it won’t be done. (I’m also close to running out of the Lexa Defense Squad Coin and the Heda’s Helm, so let me know if I need to order more.) If the pre-order goal is reached, then an order will be placed and I should have the coins in hand mid-February. FYI, as of right now, there’s 28 pre-orders received and we need 22 more orders to reach the goal.
  3. Pre-orders for Round 2 hats are closed. I will open General Sales once I've received the hats and allocated inventory for pre-orders.
  4. Snapbacks are now expected end of February (around Clexacon) due to delays/Chinese New Year factory closures. I’m sorry for the delays. If you’d like to cancel and get a refund, please let me know by contacting me (LINK). Please remember to include your name and order number.
  5. For those who are still with me and who placed an order for hats before November 29, 2016, thank you again for your patience. I’ll be placing extra item(s) in your order when they ship. (Hint: Pins.)
  6. If you have an urgent need to get the hats as soon as possible, please contact me. I can either get you prototypes or release Round 1 snapback stock from my private collection (which were reserved for when I attend cons).

If you have any questions, please fill out this CONTACT FORM.

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San Diego Pick-Up

For those who want to pick up their stuff in San Diego, when I announce that I will start shipping the items, email me with your order number and say you want to pick it up in San Diego. We shall make arrangements and then when we do meet up, I will refund you your shipping payment.