UPDATE AS OF August 1, 2017

The site will be fully updated and functional once all shipments are out. This means any remaining stocks, books, coins, and pins will be put up for order. Keep watching this site. Estimated re-opening of orders is August 11, 2017. 

We've been having server problems and emails are being eaten. That said, we updated our CONTACT INFO page so that your queries go immediately to a document rather than by email; this way we can track it better. We also created a drop-down section where you can select the reason you're contacting us so we can prioritize which messages to respond back to. Please feel free to use the updated Contact Info Form and we will do our best to timely respond within 48-72 hours. The more time we spend responding to emails, the less time we have packing and shipping things out, so we apologize if we don't respond timely.

They're here. All but one turned out well. Unfortunately,  the RainbowHEDA (black and gray versions) did not come out correctly this time around. You can see the rainbow gradient stitching did not turn out like before. The manufacturer has admitted fault and will send replacement hats. Rather than waiting for the replacement hats, I will send out people's orders and then send a following package once the corrected RainbowHEDA hats arrive. 





Rocket Science (ISS and Lambo Raven Undervisors)

Black BiFlagWANHEDA (Purple Galaxy and Lambo Clarke Undervisors)

Gray BiFlagWANHEDA (Purple Galaxy and Lambo Clarke Undervisors)

[INCORRECT/FAULTY] Black RainbowHEDA (Forest Night Sky and Lambo Lexa Undervisors)

[INCORRECT/FAULTY] Gray RainbowHEDA (Forest Night Sky and Lambo Lexa Undervisors)

Here's how we do the shipping process.

  1. We print out the invoices. As we print out the invoices, we check the emails. If a request for refund/cancellation is received, we will then refund the person.
  2. We assemble the order(s) and package all the items (in one box). If a person has multiple orders, we will do our best to package them together.
  3. Once all orders are boxed up, we make the shipping labels. This means we tape them up, we weigh the box, we create the packing slips and print out the label. An email will automatically be sent to your email address which contains a list of what's in the box, the shipping address it's going to, and the tracking number. Please check your whole order, the items you are supposed to receive and the mailing address. If there's a correction, please email the correction as soon as possible.
  4. Once a label is printed and emailed to you, it will take approximately a few days before it's dropped off at the USPS. Because of the amount of order we have, we'll have USPS come by twice a week (on Wednesdays and Saturdays) to pick up all the boxes. This makes it easier for us (and for USPS).
  5. We're shooting to finish all shipments by August 7th, barring any delays/troubles we meet.

Any questions so far?


Papurrcat Art Books
Status: The last 50 orders are packed up. All we need to do is print/email the shipping labels (maybe batch it with coin orders as well).

Challenge Coins
Status: Assembling the orders and if possible batching it with either the snapback order or Art Book orders. We may need to restock on challenge coins again.

Status: Assembling the orders and if possible batching it with the coin orders.

What now?
I'm throwing in raffle tickets, discount codes, and extras (such as pins) to everybody to thank them for their patience. If we run out of pins, I'll have coupon codes for them in the box and you can use those to claim additional pins once we restock and put them on the site. Prizes may includes custom funkos (which may or may not be signed), coin cases, prototype models of items, etc.

Mochiball and I are still working on the plushies as well as other things like coins/coin cases, pins, t-shirts and hats/beanies. We're already planning for Clexacon 2018. I am working on other fandom designs as well.

Pick up in San Diego? 
Fill out the Contact Info with your order number and we'll make arrangements. 

Once all items are shipped, I'll open the shop for leftover hats and coins and pins as well as re-open Papurrcat art book pre-orders.