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Artbook, Vol. 1 by Papurrcat (SHIPPED Edition)

  • The artbook is a 48 page book containing a collection Papurrcat's art, spanning several fandoms (but a majority will be Clexa) and perfectly binded into a book. If you've always wanted to have prints of her art but don't have the space for it or couldn't afford it, then this artbook is definitely for you. This artbook is almost identical to the the Clexacon edition, but will NOT contain the artwork piece that is exclusive to Clexacon.
  • We need approximately 250+ orders; otherwise, it's possible this non-Clexacon edition will not be made.
  • We estimate shipping will start in April 2017.
  • If you've received a GumShoeGeek coupon/discount code, the promotion code will not work with this item.
  • This artbook will go on sale on Saturday, January 28, 2017, at 10:00 AM PST.
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Papurrcat Artbook Vol1 PreOrder.jpg