Swear fealty to WANHEDA and show your support to the movement with the BiFlagWANHEDA SnapBack.

  • Black cap with purple visor
    Gray cap with purple visor
  • Purple eyelets, purple snaps, and purple button
  • Undervisor: Purple Galaxy or Lambocalypse Clarke Comics)
  • WANHEDA written in flat embroidery (BiFlag colors) on the front (possibly may use 3D Puff embroidery)
  • Internal seam will say "WE DESERVE BETTER".

Pictures are mock-ups or prototypes and does not represent the "final design". There maybe be slight changes in color between the mock-ups/prototypes and the actual product. I will inform all backers/buyers of said changes. Once I have final design pictures, I will post them.

Price: $27.50* (does not include S/H)

*Once pre-orders are sold out, the prices will increase to $32.50.