Clexacoon PlushiES

(A GumShoeGeek x immochiball collaboration)

UPDATE JULY 13, 2017

We are still working on the prototypes. We have NOT charged your account (unless you told us to beforehand) and we will NOT charge your account until you've been given enough time to review the prototypes. If at the time we start charging you do not have the funds available, notify us and we will work things out. We can help you, but you have to communicate with us.

UPDATE 9/26/16: We've REOPENED pre-orders!  

If you are still interested in purchasing a Clexacoon Plushie and were unable to do so in time, we've reopened pre-orders. You can pre-order up until we close pre-orders (basically, within 72 of hours of when post the prototypes).

And don’t worry, your card/bank accounts will NOT be charged immediately. We are holding off charging your cards/bank accounts until we have prototypes on hand for you to help "see" the final products. That way, those who aren't satisfied or would prefer to wait for Clexacoon Plushie design variations can cancel their pre-orders and we don't have to deal with issuing refunds. Once we post the prototypes, we will give people 24-48 hours to decide whether they want to keep their pre-order spots. We want you to be happy and at the same time, we want you to get these awesome plushies. 

Another upside of waiting until the prototypes have arrived to charge your accounts is that it gives enough time for people to gather their funds - that means no excuses as to why you can't get these awesome plushies! (Note: If you want me to charge you sooner rather than later, however, you can leave a note to me to do so when you place a pre-order on the plushie(s). If you're one of the 125 or so people who ordered on September 13th, you can contact me directly with your name and order number to tell me to go ahead and tell me when to charge it.)

Once pre-orders are over and all Clexacoon Plushies are ordered and shipped, this design version of Clexacoon Plushies will be retired. That means if you want it, get it now. 

With that said, please read the rest of this page and the Clexacoon Plushies FAQ. Once you've read everything, scroll all the way down this page to the big "PRE-ORDER NOW" button and place that order!

Lastly, please help us out by filling out this survey to gather data for future Clexacoon Plushie designs.

You've seen immochiball's art of the awesomely adorable Lexacoon and Lion Clarke, right?

Well, now you can get their Lexacoon and Lion Clarke Plushies!

How? By backing our project and pre-ordering plushies!

Here's a sneak peek of what immochiball has designed so far.

We've researched toy manufacturers, chose one, and put in a deposit. We are currently at the design process stage. Once we have pictures of prototypes, mock-ups, final products, etc., we will update this page.

So what now?

Here's the nitty gritty. There was initially only 125 Lexacoon Plushies and 125 Lion Clarke Plushies that were going to be made. Due to the success of the initial pre-order, and the demand for more for those who missed the pre-order, more Clexacoon Plushies will be made. (After this project is finished, we would love to do design variations like Lexacoon with her pauldron/sash or Wanheda Lion Clarke with Lexachip/sash. We would also love to create different character plushies like Anya, Aden, etc. But that's way in the future.) 

Each plushie is $32.50. This price does not includes shipping/handling/tax (for those who reside in California). If you buy Lexacoon and LionClarke as a set, it's $60.00 (not including shipping/tax).


For United States: For every plushie you order, it will cost $7.50 to ship. If you order 2 plushies (even if it's a set), it's $15.00. And so on.

For Canada: $20.00 per set (this may vary though - contact me if you order more than one set and/or more than 2 plushies)

For International: $25.00 per set (this may vary though - contact me if you order more than one set and/or more than 2 plushies)

Edit: Updated shipping information. If this isn’t clear, or if you have any questions, please contact me. You should probably read this ask/answer post if you’re Canadian or International and you’re ordering more than one set/more than 2 plushies. Also, if you believe the shipping calculation is incorrect or my system is overcharging you, please bring it to my attention. 

All packages will be sent out using USPS First Class Mail. The above shipping rates does not include customs/import fees, etc. For more information regarding shipping, please read the Clexacoon Plushies FAQ.


Estimated shipping date is October 2017 (updated from January). It all depends on the prototypes made of the plushies and the approval process.


You can read more at the Clexacoon Plushies FAQ.


Now here's what we need from you. We will take pre-orders until 72 hours after we post prototype photos.  (Your card will NOT be charged until we receive prototype plushies. Once we post the prototype plushies, you will have 24-48 hours to decide whether you want to keep your pre-order spot or cancel.) 

You can pre-order the Clexacoon Plushies by clicking on the Pre-Order button below.