January 15, 2018 Update

Sorry for the lack of communication. It is mentally exhausting at times and emotionally stressful to read and reply, but that’s no excuse for ghosting people.

I received more replacement stock. I’m sending out the last of the orders throughout the rest of the month. Please check your emails. 

In the interest of expediting matters, I’ve been sending out confirmation emails about the following: 

  1. (Requesting your current shipping address; 
  2. Confirming what remains of your order(s) that needs to be shipped; 
  3. What items have not been charged against your account; 
  4. Giving people a chance to purchase the items if they have not been charged; and 
  5. What would be the amount due on refunds, etc. 

I plan to have all emails out sent by this week/next week (January 27th). Once I receive a reply email, I can then process all requests as well as ship everything out in a timely manner. My goal is to have everything shipped by February 5th.

Once these are settled, I plan to release the remaining stock to the general public as well as release ideas for this year (it’s also bad form to release future ideas when my current batch of orders still haven’t been fulfilled). 

Right now, I'm only focusing on sending these emails and receiving replies from said email. Once everything is shipped out, I'll focus on social media and other emails as my next priority.

I thank you for your patience.